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Outbound Links Support for UTM Parameters

AUTHOR: Getro product team

With this new functionality, we have addressed a key challenge that our network admins face in proving the efficacy of their job boards to portcos and hiring leads.

By leveraging UTM parameters, customers can now track traffic from their Getro job board to their ATS. This enables network admins to send trackable traffic to hiring leads without any extra effort or changes on their part.

All outbound links are now converted to support the correct network UTM parameters, including Campaign Source (the network name followed by "job board") and Campaign Medium ( To create UTM parameters, you can use the following format:


Simply replace <URL> with the actual URL you would like to link to. This format includes UTM parameters for Campaign Source (All-hands job board), Campaign Medium (, and the Campaign Content (All-hands job board). By using UTM parameters, you can track traffic to your website and better understand the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Note that it's important to use consistent UTM parameters across your campaigns to ensure accurate tracking and reporting.

We are confident that this new feature will help our customers better track the effectiveness of their job boards and further streamline the hiring process.

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