As a busy VC, you want to do whatever it takes to help your portcos succeed. One of your most valuable resources? Your network. 

But let’s face it: whether you’re making intros to support recruiting efforts or to help bulk up sales pipelines, specificity is the name of the game.

For talent, it might be recommending candidates with experience at a specific stage company, with knowledge of a specific coding language, or even those that have held specific titles. You know your portcos are often looking for a unicorn, so it’s essential that you recommend candidates that check their boxes and are a good use of their (extremely limited) time. 

For sales, it’s being able to pinpoint exactly who might benefit from your portco’s products, so it’s key to share warm sales leads that meet your portco’s ideal customer profile. That might look like contacts in specific roles, at specific size companies, in specific industries, or all three. (It’s also a great push to make sure your portcos have a clearly defined ICP!)

But getting to that level of detail is hard

First, you need a place to view all your contact data from across your network. Not to mention ways to display that data so that you’re comparing apples to apples (specific data point to specific data point) so you know you’re making intros fit your portco’s criteria.

Then, you need to make sure that contact data is accurate and fully up to date. Sure, you can probably find this data somewhere on the internet, but it can take hours to compile options and research across multiple platforms to find the information you need. And even once you’ve found it, it’s hard to know if what you’ve found is trustworthy or fully up to date.

Finally, you need granular ways to slice that contact data so you can whittle down your options to make intros that are worth your portcos’ time interviewing candidates or chasing down sales leads. 

Luckily, GetroConnect is purpose built to help VCs like you make better intros. We’ve taken insights from countless chats and years working alongside VCs to make sure GetroConnect fills all 3 of these needs (and more). 

✅ As your firm’s unified contact management system, GetroConnect provides a centralized repository to house, view, sort, and share contacts from across your entire firm’s network. Yes, you read that right: your firm’s entire network in a single platform. 

Contacts in your GetroConnect instance are automatically enriched with the latest data from LinkedIn and across third party data service providers. You never have to worry about your contact data going stale. 

GetroConnect’s 15+ stackable filters allow you to pinpoint contacts that meet even the most niche criteria. With these filters, you can be confident your recommendations will be well worth your portco’s time and you’ll have tons of data points to prove it. 

Below, we highlight 4 of our most game-changing filters to help you provide the most accurately sourced intros to your portcos with minimal time investment on your part. It’s truly a win-win. 

To learn more about all our filters, check out this comprehensive overview of GetroConnect. Prefer to see them in action instead? Request a demo here

Company Funding Stage 

This filter is really a 3-in-1 and is peak specificity. With this filter, you can search for contacts in your database that:

  • Have a specific number of years at a specific stage company (i.e. 2 years at Series A)
  • Have experienced working at a startup with growth across stages (i.e. Seed to Series B)
  • Are currently at a company of a particular stage (i.e. Series C+)

And because all our filters are stackable, you can even search for someone that meets all 3 of these criteria. Talk about finding a unicorn!

This filter is truly a game-changer. Without it, VCs have had to stitch together data from across multiple platforms (LinkedIn, Crunchbase, etc.) to understand a contact’s experience at certain stage stage companies. With GetroConnect, you can surface this kind of granular information with just the click of a button. How easy is that?

Current company size

This filter might seem simple at first, but it has the potential to make a huge impact - even more so when stacked alongside other filters. 

That’s because it allows you to pinpoint contacts working at companies with specific numbers of employees. From micro (1-10 employees) to enterprise (5,000+ employees), this filter enables you to target contacts that meet your exact specifications. 

Because after all, working at a company post-IPO is not nearly the same as working at a seed stage startup. If you’re making a talent referral, you need to trust that they’re familiar with the kind of environment your portco offers. 

And for sales intros? This differentiator is key since few products out there are built for both SMBs and Enterprise. With this filter, you can make intros to potential sales leads that truly fit your portcos’ ideal customer profile (ICP), which can cut down on discovery time and boost conversion rates.


Experience in a particular industry can be make or break for hiring referrals or sales leads. 

With our industry filter, you can find contacts that have experience in over 50 industries or even experience in multiple different industries (i.e. Healthcare AND Tech). 

The best part? You can view a contact’s depth of experience in a given industry by filtering for contacts with 2 or more, 5 or more, or 10 or more years of experience. That kind of granularity can make a huge difference in your intro accuracy (and save you a ton of time doing the math to add up their years of experience in a given industry yourself!). 

Company (Specific Period)

Let’s say you referred some stellar talent to one of your portcos and they’ve decided to move forward and hire one of those candidates. 

But how can they get the real scoop on what it’s like to work alongside this new hire? That’s where the Company (Specific Period) filter can really come in handy. 

This filter lets you find contacts that were at a specific company during a set period of time, which can help you find contacts in your network that likely collaborated with your candidate. 

That makes it ideal for backchanneling - a process where mutual connections are tapped for informal reference checks on job candidates. By finding potential collaborators, you can reach out for insights to assure your portcos they’re making the right move. 

By leveraging these filters, you can unlock the value in your network to make even the most specific business introductions. Believe us - your portcos will thank you! 

Want to brainstorm ways to get the most out of GetroConnect’s 15+ filters? Connect with our customer success team here for a personalized consultation.