Discover the future of talent acquisition with AI-Powered Matching for GetroConnect. Find trusted candidates for open roles in seconds, reshaping how you connect top talent with your portfolio companies.

With a great talent network comes great responsibility: Your portfolio companies are counting on you to make introductions and help them recruit for key positions. But it is no easy task to surface candidates when you’re working with a talent pool that contains 10,000+ potential candidates. As any Head of Platform or Head of Talent can attest, it takes time and effort to comb through a venture capital fund’s vast network, which limits how many founders the fund can help.

Recruiting's Secret Weapon

Imagine a world where you don’t have to sift through hundreds of profiles to find the perfect match for your portfolio companies. A world where you can quickly narrow your search to candidates aligned with the role’s requirements, saving you time and energy. A world where AI can do the sifting for you so you can concentrate on making more introductions

Introducing AI-Powered Matching, a new feature for GetroConnect to help you find more precise candidate matches in less time. 

What is AI-Powered Matching?

AI-Powered Matching is a revolutionary recruiting tool that identifies candidates that would be a good fit for a position’s specifications. It uses artificial intelligence to scan your contact database in GetroConnect and finds matches based on experience, education, location, and more. Whether you’re filling publicly-posted roles or discreetly sourcing for sensitive, private positions, AI-Powered Matching facilitates warm introductions between the candidates who trust you and the hiring managers who rely on you.

Why It’s a Game Changer

AI-Powered Matching isn’t just about speed – though it does make the sourcing process incredibly fast. It’s about accuracy, adaptability, and a nuanced understanding of your specific needs.

AI-Powered Matching takes millions of data points about your network and open roles and makes all of that data very usable, very fast. You can have an incomprehensibly large network of 100,000 candidates and a laundry list of 100 open roles, and come up with ten viable, high-value matches per role in just a few clicks.  That level of thoroughness and efficiency was impossible before AI-Powered Matching. 

AI-Powered Matching Learns and Adapts to Meet Your Needs

AI-Powered Matching was built with an heuristic approach in mind, in order to give you a curated, tailored experience. It goes beyond broad keyword searches by evaluating contact details and job postings holistically to provide matches that resonate with the specific needs of each role.

It also learns and adapts to your feedback. You can indicate when a candidate wasn't a good match for a given role, and AI-Powered Matches will use your feedback to hone the accuracy of future matches. It refines itself to serve you better with every interaction.

Measure Your Impact

GetroConnect makes it easy to dig into the data and analyze how your recruiting efforts have helped your portfolio. Use the Hires dashboard to see whenever a contact is hired by a portfolio company and take a comprehensive look at attribution. Track your impact, measure your contributions, and gain insights into the effectiveness of each connection.

Your Process, Faster

The sharing functionality of AI-Powered Matching is designed to fit effortlessly into your existing communication workflows. Highlight and share information in the channels you’re already using to communicate with your founders. Start adding value as soon as you add contacts to your GetroConnect account. 

Close New Investments

You can use AI-Powered Matching for roles outside of your portfolio. Use it to search your contact database on behalf of non-portfolio companies to offer new founders a glimpse into the strength of your network and aid in closing new investments.

The Future of Recruiting

AI-Powered Matching for GetroConnect reshapes the way venture capital funds and talent managers approach recruitment. It not only enhances speed and efficiency for your candidate sourcing; it also offers a new level of accuracy, thoroughness, and adaptability that was previously unattainable. With its ability to continuously learn and improve, this innovative tool is poised to become an indispensable asset for anyone responsible for connecting top talent with their portfolio companies. Welcome to a new era of talent acquisition, where AI makes the perfect match in less time, ensuring that great talent finds its way to where it's needed most.

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