One job board for all your network’s opportunities, updated automatically

Make jobs more visible with a modern, automated job board that lives on your website and keeps itself up-to-date.


A job board for your community,
without the manual upkeep.

choose companies
Define your network of companies
Choose the companies and orgs whose job openings you want to aggregate.
up-to-date job board
Stays up-to-date, automatically
We deploy the job board on your website; jobs are updated or removed daily as career pages change.
good relation
Make intros happen naturally
Use your new job board to save time when introducing job seekers to companies.

Why you'll love GetroJobs


Say goodbye to manual job postings

Manual job boards are a pain. Removing filled positions and adding new ones consumes a lot of time you’d rather spend on something else. With full automation, now you can trust that jobs are always up to date.

Branded design that drives interaction

Intuitive, beautiful design that reflects your brand and leads people quickly to what they’re looking for.

Track impact with real-time insights

Powerful analytics help you monitor job board activity and performance to track return on investment.
effortless setup
Effortless setup
Upload company info to kickstart the job board; add or remove companies whenever you want.
Always up-to-date
Jobs are automatically pulled from company careers pages daily.
Real-time analytics
Analyze rich job data from companies on your job board to understand hiring behaviors.
Shareable job lists
Design our platform, team norms, and hiring practices to ensure equity and inclusion.
post jobs
Post jobs manually (if you need to)
For early-stage companies who don’t have a careers page.
Robust search and filtering
Make it easy for job seekers to find exactly what they want.
Company snapshots
Quick-take highlights of each company and their story.
modern icon
Modern design
On-brand and lives on your website.

We service a number of partners with quickly changing job opportunities, and they're always looking for a fast turnaround time on posting their updates and spreading the word to prospective candidates.

Between their jobs board's syncing functionality and the reliable responsiveness of their stellar support team, Getro has been an essential player in our ability to deliver meaningful value to our partners. We initially explored a number of possible providers and were delighted to land with them; their platform came out ahead of the pack!

We had evaluated a lot of products before deciding to go with Getro. The ease of integration, seamless setup and almost no manual tasks helped us add the job listings of our member portfolio with little effort.

The members have also thanked us for giving them the opportunity to promote their requirements to a larger audience.

For the first time, talent in the startup community now has a single go-to source for Tennessee organizations looking to hire.

We're one of just a few states with an entrepreneurial resource infrastructure at the state level, and Getro has given us a terrific recruiting tool to expand our network and help job-seekers. The platform is super-clean, easy to use, and saves us time and resources.

There has never been a more important time in our history to be working on ocean conservation.

Getro allows us to attract more talent to the ocean technology and conservation space, and empower ocean minded organizations to hire faster and better, all in one place.

With over 200 active portfolio companies, we needed a tool like Getro to ensure we were sharing every open position in the portfolio.

The Getro team was fantastic; from helping us identify our needs to setting up our job board, they made the process seamless.

Robbie Ross
Rehan Mark D'Almeida
Morgan Dent
Jake Hanft
Stephanie Manning

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