Learn how GetroConnect auto-tracks hires at your portcos from your network.

Working in Platform at a VC, your time is limited. 

With such a broad range of responsibilities, you need to know that every minute you invest in supporting your portcos really counts. 

That’s especially true when it comes to scouring your network to make warm intros. 

You know the fund’s contacts could be truly valuable to your portcos - whether to fulfill talent needs or as potential sales leads - but it’s not worth investing time here unless you know your efforts have a real impact and lead to meaningful connections that help your portcos grow. 

The problem is, tracking the outcomes of your warm intros is tricky. That’s because most portcos don’t remember to report back to you on who they hired or closed after an intro’s been made. 

And searching the internet across multiple platforms to find those answers on your own? Well that’s even more time out of your day. Talk about a vicious cycle. 

Luckily, when it comes to the talent intros you make to help portcos fill roles, GetroConnect can auto-track if your contacts actually got hired. 

The best part? Not only do you see impact, but you spend zero additional time finding it. 

Read on to learn how GetroConnect’s automated hire tracking helps your portcos get maximum value from your network while providing you with essential insights into the impact of your warm intros. 

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Why Track Hires? 

Let’s say you’ve spent a few hours this quarter making warm intros to your portcos to fill some high priority roles.

The only way to know if that effort was truly worth your time? 

Cold. Hard. Data. 

Understanding exactly how many of your intros lead to hires can help you make essential calculations to understand your impact. Some examples:

Value of time spent: According to our ROI Calculator, each hire made is worth approximately $4,700 in value. If you spent 2 hours making intros that resulted in 4 hires, that means each hour spent resulted in $9,400 in value for your portcos. Not too shabby! 

Value to Individual Portco: From there, you can calculate the value driven to each individual portco so they can clearly see the real financial ROI of your efforts and know you’re looking out for them. 

Warm intro conversion rate: If those 4 hires were the result of 16 warm intros, that’s a 25% conversion rate. If you have specific quarterly hiring goals, knowing your conversion rate will give you a sense of how many warm intros to make to reach your goals. 

But tracking hires doesn’t only help you understand the effectiveness of your recruiting efforts, it can also give you clear insights into the needs of your portcos. 

Learn Patterns: Who specifically is getting hired from your warm intros? What kinds of roles? What seniority levels? 

Understanding what kinds of warm intros have converted most in the past can give you insights into your network’s strengths (and weaknesses) when it comes to supporting portco hiring and can guide your strategy as you continue to grow your network. 

How Does Auto-Hire Tracking Work?

We’ve talked to tons of VCs saying that the ability to track hiring outcomes from across their portfolio would be a dream.

With GetroConnect, that dream has become a reality.

How do we do it? 

GetroConnect has the benefit of having data on your portfolio companies and your contacts in a single place. 

So when a contact in your network lists a new job on LinkedIn that happens to be one of your portcos, our system auto-flags it right in your GetroConnect admin portal. 

This act alone saves tons of time and gives you insight into hires regardless of your participation. 

But if you want to track your team’s direct impact on your portco’s hiring outcomes, you just have to access your Hires page and mark which hires were “team assisted’ from a warm intro you made. 

That way you can get a sense of the relevance of your network to your portco’s hiring needs in addition to the impact of your team’s efforts. 

The cherry on top? That data lives right in your GetroConnect instance. No in depth search or digging necessary. 

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