Congratulations on building your Getro job board! You’ve put the work into configuring your job board to highlight open positions in your network and now you’re ready to leverage the power of Getro. Follow our lead on how to market your job board and you’ll see positive results and organic expansion amongst the companies you support.

Why it’s important to promote your job board?

When you take simple, consistent action to amplify your job board’s wealth of opportunities, both the quality and quantity of talented professionals in your network are bound to increase.

Let’s explore three different ways to promote your job board successfully:

1. Leverage your network to promote your job board

This is the foundation of both why and how Getro exists: we want to help you leverage your network to put your job board in front of the best and most talented candidates.

The most reliable referrals come from people we already know and trust. Begin by brainstorming a list of resourceful people to reach out to. Consider the following:

  • Past colleagues
  • Former bosses
  • Educators
  • Influencers
  • Anyone else you’re connected with who has a broad professional network

2. How to promote your job board via email

Despite the popularity of social media, email marketing is still the most effective way to yield the results businesses want. Here are a few examples for promoting a job board via email:

1. If you already have an email newsletter, include your job board in each version you send out. You can make it a feature, complete with asset and copy, and/or keep a link to the job board as the footer of your newsletter with a quick tagline;

✍️ For feature space copy in a newsletter, consider a quick note outlining what you’d like from your newsletter recipients:

“Our team recently aggregated all open positions within our network onto a Getro job board. The board will automatically update with new roles as they’re available and we’d love you to help connect us to top industry talent. If you know anyone seeking a new opportunity, please forward this email to them or send them directly to the link below to apply.”

🚩 For a tagline with the job board link, keep it short and sweet.

“Bookmark our job board and stay current on all the exciting opportunities within our exclusive network.”

Include the link to your job board and tagline in your email signature and have all company employees do the same;

2. Write a personalized email about your job board to your network and/or individuals with whom you’re connected. Return to the list you brainstormed and make sure everyone receives an invitation to view your Getro job board – anyone you know could be the link to your network’s next superstar. All you have to do is take the first step.

Follow this outline and you’ll be hitting SEND in no time:

  • Talk about your open opportunities and the industries represented;
  • Share that you’ve configured all open positions into a Getro job board and that you’d love their help promoting it to their own networks based on your experience with the recipients;
  • Make sure to inform them that new roles appear regularly and to check back often.

If you need more tips on how to promote your job board via email, reach out to us at We love seeing the creative ways our customers promote their job boards, and we're happy to help you brainstorm new strategies!

3. Tips to promote your job board on social media

If you’re at the point of promoting your job board on social media, you’ve really got the ball rolling. LinkedIn and Twitter are the most promising social media channels to use for job board promotion, but other channels may be worth sharing on simply to cast a wider net.

1. LinkedIn:

Obviously, a great place to discuss all-things-business, the global demographics of LinkedIn users are similar to those on Facebook, with adults ages 25-34 accounting for 38% of users and younger Gen-Z candidates aged 18-24 following just behind millennials accounting for ¼ of LinkedIn’s active usership.

Here  are four ways to leverage LinkedIn for the purposes of marketing your Getro job board:

  1. Post on your personal and business pages with a link to the job board;
  2. Write an article about your job board and publish it on LinkedIn; you can describe the types of roles you’re looking to fill, promote the excellence of each organization within your network, and talk about the perks of becoming a part of your larger network;
  3. Utilize hashtags on posts and articles. Best practice is to use three hashtags on LinkedIn, and try things like #hiring #openpositions and #vcnetwork;
  4. Reach out to individual connections. Have friends, former colleagues, or well-connected influencers in your network? Sending a short and sweet personalized message can kickstart the power of your job board. Ask them to share your post and to send qualified candidates your way – this is the power of connection in action.

Check out these 2 sample posts from our customers:

LinkedIn post by Polygon Technology to promote their job board 

LinkedIn post by Amazon Climate Pledge Fund to promote their job board 

💡 Keep it simple, punchy, and a couple of emojis never hurt to grab readers’ attention.

2. Twitter:

Staying on trend with other social channels, the majority of Twitter accounts are owned by those aged 25-34 worldwide, however, unlike LinkedIn, their second-largest demographic is actually a bit older, with just over 20% of tweet-readers registering between ages 35 and 49. When expanding your job board promotion efforts to the Twitter community, follow these simple guidelines to get the best results:

  1. You have limited space to share on Twitter – 280 characters to be exact – so compose concise copy for this space;
  2. Twitter is news-driven. See if you can tie into current events and what’s trending on Twitter any given day;
  3. Include 1-2 hashtags on your job board post on Twitter.

See this sample Tweet to give you an idea:

Tweet by @forgepointcap to promote their job board

Remember, people are following your brand on Twitter because they trust the information you post. Job seekers will be inclined to apply to jobs from your portfolio because they value what your brand and network have to offer them.

With this in mind and the simple guide above, you now know how to promote a job board on social media. Keep in mind that this is not a one-and-done process; rather, think of this as a conversation with your network.

When your board automatically updates with new positions, let your community know via these channels. Ask questions about what job seekers are looking for in the current market and always, always ask your connections to send promising people your way.

Test out these tactics and let us know how it goes. We can’t wait to hear about how you successfully increased awareness of your job board and the ripple effects of the introductions and connections that come as a result.