GetroJobs provides you with the technology to quickly build a fully integrated job board that not only allows you to capture applicants' attention but provide them with a streamlined job search experience. When you sign on with Getro, your customer success manager guides you through a powerful set of options to optimize your efficiency in targeting and attracting high-quality applicants for the companies you support. Your Getro success manager can also help you adjust the following settings for your job board at any time.

Developing your aesthetic

How do you create an integrated feel for your job board? Our configuration options allow you to highlight key aspects of your network, making searching simpler and more appealing for your users. Here are some job board examples illustrating customization of tab order, sort order, and vacancy counts.

1. Custom URL
A website URL has an important role when it comes to website branding. Your job board can more seamlessly integrate with your existing branding by implementing a customized URL to best align with your standing site taxonomy. For example, if you already have a dedicated “Careers” page on your organization’s website, you might want your job board URL to be easily differentiated from that page, so “jobs.your.domain” may be the best URL choice. Depending on whether you would like your job board to be a stand-alone site or part of your existing website, we can match and create the domain of your choice.

Learn more about how to create a CNAME record to customize your job board URL.  Here are some examples of what your URL could look like:

  • jobs.your.domain (live example:
  • careers.your.domain (live example:
  • (this is Getro’s default URL format and can be utilized if you are unable to configure a CNAME record)

2. Page design
Getro offers two job board design options: Standard (free) and Advanced (paid add-on). Both options have customizable design elements to showcase your unique branding.

The Advanced Design option integrates your Getro job board into your existing website by matching your website’s header, footer, and look and feel; it is meant to mimic your overall website design to improve user experience.

Not quite the right time for the Advanced Design option? That's ok too, you can always upgrade at any time. Check out the Protocol Labs and KdT Ventures job boards for examples of how the standard design can match your branding.

3. Configuration preferences

🔁 Jobs and Companies tabs order

Your job board can be configured to prominently display, in any order:

  • ‘Explore jobs’ tab
  • ‘Featured companies’ tab

If you choose to display the ‘Featured companies’ tab first, the company profiles can be further sorted by the number of open positions (most to least) or alphabetically (by company name). Highlighting companies first exposes users directly to the specific companies in your network. Sorting your company profiles by their number of jobs allows companies with the most job openings to gain more visibility with job seekers.

💡 Depending on your job board goals and use-case, it may be best to highlight the ‘Explore jobs’ tab first to quickly connect job seekers to potential openings. Job seekers will be able to see both Companies and Jobs tabs and toggle back and forth during their search experience.

Below are examples of the two views that your customer success manager can help you configure.

Craft Ventures Job Board, "Search Jobs" tab first

Dive into the search with thousands of open positions in this jobs-first view at Craft Ventures.

Greylock Partners Job Board, "Explore companies" tab first

Check out some awesome companies in this company first view with Graylock.

🔢 Jobs and Companies counts

Your job board can be configured to display visible real-time counts of the number of companies and available jobs at any given time. These counts can be displayed prominently on the job board cover image (example), within the tabs (jobs/companies example), or hidden entirely if desired (example).

💡 Displaying this counts data generates excitement and interest in your network. Advertise the number of available positions/companies throughout your network to draw in a greater pool of qualified job seekers.

4. Optimize Applicant Preferences for Unique Populations

➡️ Custom filters

This configuration allows you to provide your potential applicants with targeted and unique search views. All Getro job boards come with three standard filters to sort jobs:

  • Company
  • Job function (i.e. Sales, Marketing)
  • Locations (job location, geographical or remote)

💡 Aside from the company filter, you have the option to remove a standard filter if it doesn’t apply to your network. For example, if your job board aims to only show jobs in one state or region, you may not want to show the location filter. Job seekers will still be able to type in locations that interest them in the search bar.

In addition to these standard filters, you have the option to add up to three custom filters that may be unique to your network. You can specify the filter name, as well as the individual company tags within the filter.

Looking for ideas?! Here are some examples of organizations utilizing a custom filter:

🔽️ Job rules

Last but not least is Job rules - arguably the most powerful tool for targeted recruiting of qualified applicants. This setting allows you to curate the types of jobs displayed on your job board, and therefore exclusively display positions within your desired criteria.
Utilizing Job rules, you can limit the jobs shown on your job board by job location or job title keywords to create a more curated view of available jobs in your network.
Below are three examples of how this feature may benefit your organization best:

  • An economic development organization based in Tennessee might only want to show jobs currently available in the state and could do so with a location rule to only show jobs located in Tennessee.
  • An organization focused on marketing & sales may only want to show marketing & sales jobs on their job board using the title keyword job rules and thus filtering out other types of positions currently offered.
  • A company on your job board may have thousands of openings countrywide for a similar job, for example, “Delivery Drivers”. You may choose to filter out this position to create a cleaner experience for those looking at the other potential openings.

Learn more about curating your job board with job rules.

We hope that you feel inspired to create and customize your job board to best reflect your unique network and as always, your Getro success manager is ready to help bring your ideas to life!