At Getro, we’ve been busy with new features and functionalities, making it even easier to create meaningful connections between the job opportunities and talent in your network.

This is the first in our Feature Spotlight series, where we’ll share what’s new so you can make the most of your Getro job board! Kicking off this series is…

Featured Jobs!

Through your Getro admin portal, you are now able to highlight specific jobs by pinning them to the top of your job board! Why pin a job?

  • Highlight jobs your Platform team is actively helping to hire
  • Improve visibility and traffic to the highest priority roles across your portfolio network
  • Spotlight jobs at your own organization
  • Offer pinned status to sponsors or as a premium offer to partners

It’s entirely up to you to specify which jobs qualify for Featured status!

By showcasing the highest priority jobs at the top of your job board, you're guaranteeing greater visibility for those roles. This means more traffic, engagement, and applications!

You can track the performance of your featured jobs through your admin portal.

Through the job performance report on your Analytics page, you can see the performance metrics of your Featured Jobs as compared to the other postings on your board, allowing you to track their engagement and effectiveness.

This makes it even easier to make sure your featured jobs are receiving the attention they deserve!

How it works

On the Jobs page in your admin portal, click the three-dot menu on any job opening to see an option called “Featured status.”

Click on “Featured status” and update the job’s status to “Featured.”

Once the job’s status has been updated, it will be reflected in your admin portal in the “Featured” column on the Jobs page.

It will then appear at the top of your job board, and will also be marked as “Featured” next to the job title to help it stand out in comparison to non-featured jobs.

There is no limit to the number of jobs you can feature!

With Featured Jobs, Getro has made it easy to help your most important roles get filled fast. And while we’re excited to offer this to our customers, we’re not stopping there. Tune in next week to find out about our next latest feature… applying to posted roles directly through Getro!