We’re continuing our Feature Spotlight series with another exciting update… the ability to track applicants who have applied directly to manually posted jobs on your Getro job board!

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The Pain: Where did the applicants go?

Especially for new and early-stage funds, helping with hiring is a key way for platform teams to support portfolio company growth. This often looks like crafting job descriptions, manually posting roles on behalf of portfolio companies, and sharing open opportunities with talent.

However, once an applicant clicks on a role, they’re often directed to third-party sites and portfolio company career pages to apply. It’s hard to keep track of referred applicants past that stage… until now!  

Applying to Manually Posted Roles

Getro network admins and company admins can now receive and track applications for manually posted roles directly through your jobs board.

Getro supports this easy way for job board administrators to have visibility into the applicants they send to portfolio companies, and for portfolio companies to have a more standardized way to receive applications. This also helps you share your team’s hiring impact with companies, GPs, and LPs.

How it Works

When you manually post a job through your admin portal, network and company administrators can choose to receive applications directly through the job board by selecting “on job board” as the application method.

From here, you can add email addresses for whoever you’d like to receive applications. This can be any person inside or outside of your Getro network, allowing you to choose between:

  • Screening candidates before sending them along;
  • Reviewing candidates simultaneously alongside company hiring managers; or
  • Passing candidates directly along to the companies first.

The email will look something like...

Tracking Applications

You can also track applications directly through your Getro admin portal. After a job is posted, you can view the number of applicants who have applied to the role.

Using the three-dot menu allows you to download all the applications for a certain job. Company admins can also download applications they’ve received for their company.

What It Looks Like For Applicants

Wondering what information we collect from applicants? The application form is lightweight for job seekers:

After a candidate applies they will:

  • See a confirmation pop-up that their application has been received
  • Receive a confirmation email from applications@getro.com
  • Be able to remove themselves from the application process at any time by emailing Getro

By allowing candidates to apply to jobs directly through the job board, both VCs and portfolio companies improve the visibility and tracking of new applicants.

Stay tuned for our next feature… support for stealth companies!