Next up in our Feature Spotlight series… support for stealth companies!

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Next in the Feature Spotlight series, we'll share:

  • Light ATS features for manually posted jobs
  • Job alerts
  • Ability to selectively hide jobs from boards
  • Talent Network sign-up + Dashboard
  • Automatically add new portfolio companies
  • ... and the Q2 launch of a brand new product to help you make better introductions 🤗

What’s a Stealth Company?

Early-stage companies that receive seed or pre-seed support from VCs may not even have a domain, much less an operating website with a careers page. But in order to get a careers page up and running, they probably need to hire someone. See the catch-22?

After a company invests, network leaders want to do all they can to help those companies hire the people they’ll need to succeed. Now, to support those stealth companies, Getro no longer requires a website domain in order for a job to be posted on your job boards.  

Problem, Solved.

Before this update, network administrators were posting jobs for their stealth portfolio companies under their own VC logo and name, limiting exposure for their early-stage companies. This also created confusion for applicants, who were unsure if it was the VC or their portfolio company hiring for the job, leading to inefficiencies for heads of platform, recruiters, and hiring managers.

Now, network admins can:

  • add a company without a website;
  • name a company whatever they wish;
  • hide a company’s URL; and
  • edit details of the company directly in the admin portal

Getro is making it easy to support your early-stage and stealth portfolio companies in the same way you support the others!

Things to Know

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to this feature.

  1. Only manually posted roles are supported
  2. Getro does not manually review these postings to ensure their accuracy
  3. Once the company launches a website and you’d like to transition their posted roles to include their domain, our customer success team can help you through this transition

With support for stealth and early-stage companies, Getro allows you to help all the companies in your portfolio equally.

Up next in our Feature Spotlight series…updated tracking links for manually posted listings!