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Getro is on a mission to help people reveal the hidden potential inside their networks and do the work they love.
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Our story

10 years ago we founded a recruiting company to help people find meaningful work.

Over time it became clear that most of the energy spent looking for talent—LinkedIn, resumes, applications—is wasted. Again and again the best candidate ended up being a trusted referral.

Referrals are 15x more likely to get hired than an average applicant. We wanted to figure out how to help companies hire faster through their network, so we joined the Techstars accelerator program in 2017 and were off to the races.

Over the past three years, we’ve learned that networks hold the key to strong referrals. Whether you’re a venture capital fund trying to help your portfolio companies, a chamber of commerce supporting innovation in your city, or a university trying to help students connect to alumni, you deserve better tools; tools designed to help you maximize the value in your network by helping you make the right introductions at the right time.

By understanding the needs of the world’s top networks, we have a massive opportunity to level the playing field, creating advantages for people who are equally worthy yet unequally served, and making sure that everyone has the opportunities they deserve.
Remote-first from the beginning
Being remote from day one has allowed us to build a healthy culture while attracting team members from all over the world.
Ideas welcome
From adding new benefits to changing how we meet, we’re always iterating to make sure Getro is a place where people can do their best work.
Bring your whole self
We believe that work is more fulfilling when we can show our full selves to the people we work with.

We’re proud of what we stand for

Our values are our guiding light. Our north star.
The qualities and principles that keep us focused on empowering you.
Compassionate candor
Be honest and empathetic in our communication with others.
Seek and encourage new opportunities to learn and grow.
Committed ownership
Proactively make improvements by asserting our point of view.
Design our platform, team norms, and hiring practices to ensure equity and inclusion.
Enable accurate reflections from others by having the courage to show ourselves.
Recognize and appreciate each others' contributions.
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We power a community-driven network to help people in tech get back to work after COVID-19.