Tech layoffs are all over the news, yet there are still millions of jobs open in tech for job seekers.

Layoffs and Economic Downturn

Over 100,000 employees have been laid off from tech companies this year. As capital becomes more expensive, tech companies are trimming staff and slowing down their hiring. This phenomenon is being coined “loud layoffs,” though actual layoff numbers are below pre-pandemic levels.

In the last 12 months, tech companies have hired tens of thousands of new workers despite the signs of the economic slowdown that emerged last spring.

But, venture capital investment in tech startups continues to be strong, and startups with solid products and business economics are still raising rounds and hiring (albeit with more discipline). Year to date, VC fundraising reached $151 billion, marking the fifth consecutive record year of fundraising, according to Jeffrey Grabow, EY US Venture Capital Leader.

Whether you're bullish or bearish on what the next year looks like in tech, many talented people are looking for new professional opportunities. We’ve been proud to see how our community is leveraging their Getro’s Job boards to aid their search.

1.5M Jobs Available Amongst Getro’s Network

At Getro, we build job boards for the leading venture capital funds & startup accelerators across the world. Within our own ecosystem, we found more than 40,000 companies currently hiring for over 1.5M jobs

Each week, we post new customer job boards to our LinkedIn page because, in times like these, job searching through curated networks can be an effective way to find fast-growing companies without having to compete against a large pool of applicants on large job board platforms.

We’ve been delighted to see the impact these boards have had in the face of the current environment, and we’ve highlighted some of our favorites below.

Want us to highlight your network board? Drop us a note, we’re happy to add it to the list :)

Here is a curated selection of job boards (by geography or by segment) to discover some of the amazing opportunities currently available on the market.

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