Along with our internal analytics, you can also take advantage of Google Analytics to find out even more about how people are utilizing your job board.

Did you know that you can get even more out of Getro with Google Analytics? GetroJobs already includes analytics to help you understand your job board’s performance. Insights like unique visitors, job clicks, and who has likely applied are all available on your Impact Dashboard, and  you can create curated, detailed reports for specific use cases.

With Google Analytics, you can go deeper to find even more customized data about your board, making it easier to show ROI to your portfolio companies and demonstrate exactly how much value your job board provides.

Utilizing Google Analytics

You can use Google Analytics alongside Getro’s internal dashboards to drill down into how people are finding and utilizing your job board.

With Google Analytics, you can find out the data behind questions like:

Where are visitors to my job board coming from?

  • Did you participate in an event or partnership to drive more people to your job board? Maybe you did a big push on social media? You can find out exactly the impact your initiatives had on traffic to your job board.

Who is a repeat visitor?

  • Find out who has visited your job board more than three times, which can be helpful for retargeting campaigns or more personalized outreach.

What do people do when they reach my job board?

  • With these insights, you can drill down on each individual user activity to gain insight into or troubleshoot a specific user flow.

And so much more!

With both Getro and Google Analytics, it’s easy to see the full impact of your job board. As a Head of Platform or a Head of Network, you’re doing good work on behalf of your portfolio companies. Now, you have the tools to show your colleagues and your founders the extent of your efforts.

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