With hosted job boards on Getro, VCs can see exactly how their job boards perform and how many applications they drive to their portfolio companies.

VCs want to help their portfolio companies hire. While tools like job boards make that easier, it can be difficult for Heads of Platform to know just how much they are helping, and they often lose visibility into applications early in the process. GetroJobs now allows you to have a better understanding of how many candidates are applying for the open roles they find through your fund.

With our latest update, GetroJobs hosts job descriptions directly on the platform, uniquely positioning you to capture the number of job applicants driven by your board. You’ll be able to know exactly how many candidates clicked on “apply” and likely sent an application.

Direct Job Description Hosting Enables Clear ROI

In the past, when prospective candidates clicked on a job listed on a GetroJobs board, they were redirected to an external site hosting the job description. That was fine for the candidates, and for the company where they potentially applied, but it made it difficult for VCs who invest in and promote the job board to see exactly what happened after a candidate clicked through. Did they apply, or drop off? How many of their portfolio companies’ applications came through their GetroJobs board?

Now, with job descriptions hosted directly on Getro, VCs can track what candidates do after they click on a job to find out more. If they click “apply,” they are counted towards our new “Likely Applied” metric, which can be shared with portfolio companies and compared to actual applications.

Automatic Extraction

Job descriptions are hosted on Getro automatically, with no extra work for VCs when the jobs are extracted from the following platforms:

  • Greenhouse
  • Lever
  • Angelist
  • LinkedIn
  • Workable

For platforms that aren’t supported, you can still use manual job postings to support your portco’s hiring needs!

ROI is critical to VCs. It determines where to invest your money, where to spend your time, and how you support your portfolio. At Getro, we're making it easier every day to show colleagues and founders the results of your efforts.

Want to find out more about how GetroJobs can provide more visibility into the full hiring process? Reach out to your CSM today for a demo of all our new features!

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