Getro is acquiring Sompani, a leading European talent platform, to expand Getro’s reach in Europe and better meet market needs among European VC funds.

“We’re delighted to welcome Sompani to Getro. The acquisition is part of our larger strategy to improve venture fund impact and strengthen the relationship between investors and founders,” says Evan Walden, Co-Founder and CEO of Getro. “Together we’ll redefine the way VCs make talent introductions.”

Getro’s European expansion is a response to growing worldwide demand for platform development at VC funds. According to data from the VC Platform Global Community, funds that were categorized as having significant platforms were also the funds with the strongest pooled net internal rate of return, and the most dramatic areas of growth were in post-investment functions like talent.  

As a result, venture funds are increasing investment in their platforms overall and in talent specialization more specifically. The average VC fund’s core team was 12.9% platform professionals in 2022 — more than double what it was in 2020 — and talent specialization within those roles grew 234% from 2000 to 2022. Market demand for talent solutions at VC funds is on the rise, and Getro’s acquisition of Sompani strengthens Getro’s ability to meet it.

The acquisition dovetails with the launch of GetroConnect, which allows VC platforms and talent teams to make better intros by leveraging AI-powered job matches, introduction tracking, and automatic reporting on successful hires. GetroConnect is informed by Getro’s expertise delivering talent solutions to the industry for half a decade, as well as Sompani's learnings about their own talent product.

“Transforming the way investors support their portfolio companies has been our mission since day one. Our decision to partner with Getro brings us closer to this vision than ever before.” says Ludwig Ritter, Co-Founder and CEO of Sompani. “We’re excited for the impact this acquisition will have on the VC talent space.”

Sompani revolutionizes how the world of networks, startups and talent connects. In 2017, the company was founded in Berlin by Adrian Van Westrenen, Artjom Simon, and Ludwig Ritter on the belief that communities thrive through sharing and mutual trust. As part of Getro, Sompani will be able to bring its vision of simplified introductions to a much larger audience of users.  

Getro and Sompani display open roles from over 46 thousand VC-financed companies. Their job boards showcase 1.5 million active job listings to 3.4 million job seekers per year.

Getro’s mission is to help people connect to life-changing opportunities through trusted networks. Founded in 2016 by Evan Walden and Raul San Narciso and trusted by over 650 platform teams from venture funds and private equity firms of all sizes, Getro builds branded job boards and talent network software that allows users to save time when making high-value, warm introductions between startups and professionals.

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