Getro job boards are remarkably cost effective when compared to other recruiting methods. They build brand recognition, harness engagement, and drive applicants – all with a stellar return on investment.

Getro delivers tangible, quantifiable value to your portfolio companies at every stage of the talent funnel, all while saving you time. Funds and networks leverage Getro differently, so quantifying that impact requires digging into the numbers and applying those that matter most to how you uniquely use Getro.

Where Getro adds value across the talent acquisition funnel

The further down the funnel we get, the more tangible the value becomes.

Below you’ll find calculators where you can plug in your metrics to get an estimate of the value Getro brings to your organization. Each component is based on industry data to help you get an accurate picture of job board ROI.

Measure successful hires with GetroConnect

Starting at the bottom of the funnel with Hires, our ability to attribute value is most definite. GetroConnect allows you to track hires made through your whole network, receiving notifications when contacts are hired for any role.

Value Per Hire

According to a survey conducted by SHRM, the average cost per hire for organizations in the United States is about $4,700. Obviously for senior and technical roles, this number is significantly higher and varies from industry to industry.

Total value of team-assisted hires = Hires made * Avg. cost per hire ($4,700)

Where to Find Data on Hires

If you’re a GetroConnect customer, you can find data on how many hires you’ve helped your network make by navigating to the Hires tab on the top of your Getro screen and looking for Team assisted hires.

Want to know how many hires you helped make?

Drive Applicants with a Job Board

If you’re at a VC fund or a professional organization, your job board is a particularly important avenue for delivering ROI to your portfolio companies. A job board aggregates all of your open roles in one place, and allows your firm’s reputation and marketing efforts to get more eyes on open roles and bolster your talent pipeline as you connect job seekers with founders. 

Value Per Applicant

Most companies receive approximately 118 candidates for each hire they make. Every application that your job board brings in can get a company on your job board closer to making a key hire. 

Total value of applicants from job board = Applicants * Cost per hire / Applications needed to make a hire
= Applicants * $40 (= $4,700 / 118)

Where to Find Data on Applicants

Getro’s Home View can tell you how many job seekers have likely submitted applications from your job board. Any time a job seeker views a job description on Getro and clicks the "Apply" button, they are counted as “Likely Applied.” You can use this metric in the calculator above to understand the value of the applications you’ve driven.

Want to drive more traffic and applications to your job board? Check out these tips from Dragonfly Capital and strategies to promote your job board.

GetroConnect + GetroJobs = Time Savings 

There's another dimension to the value generated by job boards that often goes unnoticed – the time you save.

Imagine consolidating all job postings from various sources to see what companies in your network are hiring and post those roles: scouring multiple websites, sorting through emails, and ensuring that no relevant job opportunity slips through the cracks… it could easily consume hours each week! Here is where GetroJobs steps in for you. 

What about making introductions? Searching through your first degree connections, manually checking profile by profile to check if a contact meets each requirement of a role… with GetroConnect’s AI Matches, that initial list of qualified talent is curated for you in seconds! 

GetroConnect and GetroJobs don't just offer a stellar return on investment in terms of hires and applications; they also streamline your processes, enhance efficiency, and free up your time for more strategic tasks. 

When you’re calculating the ROI of your job board, don't forget to factor in the time you save.

Annual time savings = Annual salary / 2,080 Working hours per year * Time spent per month * 12

Don't forget to include these time savings in your ROI equation in addition to the hires you help make and the applications your job board drives. Time is money!

The True Value of Getro 

The tools you use matter. Measuring the quantifiable impact of the work you do is crucial for improving and sharing the results you’ve driven.  Armed with an accurate understanding of what activities drive applicants and hires, you can take a holistic look at your talent strategies. This data-driven approach allows you to measure and optimize your job board investment effectively to find talent and help portcos. 

Want to learn more about the ROI of your job board?