Platform and talent teams at venture capital funds play a critical role in recruiting. They maintain reputable networks of vetted candidates, manage a deluge of introductions between founders and talent, and facilitate high-impact hires that can alter a startup’s trajectory.

But those introductions involve a lot of work. Platform and talent teams spend an ever-increasing amount of time juggling warm contacts, finding matches, tracking success, and more – often using clunky, manual processes that detract from their other duties and limit the number of introductions they can make.

We’re excited to launch GetroConnect to solve these challenges. With GetroConnect, VC platform and talent teams will have powerful tools built to automatically assist with the organization and task management behind every influential introduction.

Introducing GetroConnect

GetroConnect helps venture capital funds maximize the value of their networks. If you’re on a platform or talent team, GetroConnect’s AI-powered features will allow you to save time while remaining in control of who should be introduced and why.

How it works:

  1. Unified contact management. Forget spreadsheets and ditch databases. With GetroConnect, you can compile contacts from everyone on your team and automatically keep contact records up to date. Import contacts from sources like LinkedIn, Airtable, and Excel, and let GetroConnect automatically enrich their professional history, making them searchable by experience, seniority, specialization, and more.
  2. AI-powered intro suggestions. GetroConnect uses AI to connect candidates with the opportunities that suit them best by scanning portfolio job listings and matching a position’s requirements with talent in your network, all while maintaining privacy. GetroConnect also learns more as you use it: our adaptive recommendation engine fine-tunes suggestions based on your feedback.
  3. Easy-to-share contacts. Easily share your recommendations with founders from within GetroConnect. You can include contextual notes for each contact and provide insight as to why a candidate might be a good match for their company. Keep lists of candidates password-protected for enhanced security, while also keeping email data private for compliance.
  4. Tangible KPIs to track your outcomes. Measure the impact of your introductions and demonstrate the value of your network by tracking when hires are made. Receive notifications any time one of your contacts is hired by a portfolio company, and use GetroConnect’s hire tracking dashboard to generate quarterly reports for you and your team.
“GetroConnect freed up time for us to figure out processes around our talent instead of just handling talent as it comes to us. And I think that's been the biggest thing for me. Before, we were just frantically sending candidates to our companies, but GetroConnect has allowed us to evolve.” - Katie Birge, Head of Platform at M25 (Read the case study to learn more about how M25 uses GetroConnect)

Capitalize on your connections

VC funds provide their portfolio companies with invaluable referrals to make lasting hires. Everyone on the team at a VC fund possesses a vast network of people who trust them, and in aggregate, those networks add up to a goldmine of talent that can help every founder in your portfolio hire an elite team. With GetroConnect, you can scale your introductions and use your social capital to transform the way your entire portfolio handles recruiting.

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