With GetroJobs Talent Network, capture organic interest from job seekers and store contact information automatically in an easy-to-use, organized database.

If you help with recruiting for multiple companies, you’re likely inundated with requests from job seekers to be included in candidate searches. It can seem like everyone has a former colleague, cousin, or best friend who wants to join your network. Business cards accumulate, unanswered emails pile up, and opportunities come and go while hopeful job seekers wait for you to follow up.

But what if you didn’t have to be a bottleneck? Imagine if there was a way to collect a job seeker’s contact information from your job board even if they weren’t applying for a specific position. It would allow job seekers to think beyond a singular job listing and opt into being part of your network in the long term. 

Conventional job boards aren’t set up to allow for this functionality. They’re built to allow visitors to go through an application workflow for one specific position at one singular point in time, which takes a short-sighted and inefficient approach to building a talent pipeline. 

There are plenty of qualified professionals who you’d want to be in your organization’s database even when they don’t have a position in their sights. Perhaps there aren’t any current open jobs that require an elite candidate’s qualifications. Maybe a candidate isn’t actively looking at the moment, but they want to stay in touch in case they’re a perfect fit for something down the road. Or perhaps someone would be an ideal candidate for a role with a “stealth company.” Whatever the case, you need a way to capture these job seekers – without wasting your own time on data entry.  

The need for a better solution is evident, and the Getro Talent Network provides just that. With this innovative tool, job board visitors can add their contact details and backgrounds to a database, regardless of whether they are applying for a specific position or not. What's more, this information will update automatically without any additional effort on your part.

What is the Getro Talent Network?

The Getro Talent Network is a contact database that job board visitors can elect to join on their own, without any action from you. The Getro Talent Network sign up lives within yourGetroJobs board where candidates can answer questions about their preferences and background.

Once they complete the sign-up, their information is stored in the Talent Network which is visible from the Contacts tab in your Getro Admin Portal. From there, you can see their information — which is automatically kept up to date through their LinkedIn profile — and they can stay updated about potential jobs they may be interested in through Job Alerts.

The Benefits of Empowering Job Seekers

Empowering job seekers to join your network can be a huge boon to your recruiting, allowing more people to find their way into candidate searches with less work on your part. Here are some ways the Getro Talent Network can help your team: 

  • Continuous engagement: Actively engage with job seekers over time, allowing you to build a robust talent network.
  • Enhanced insights: Gain valuable insights into job seekers' preferences and backgrounds, facilitating better matches.
  • Streamlined database: GetroConnect users can seamlessly manage Talent Network signups alongside their existing contacts for better organization and collaboration.
  • No bottlenecks: Because job seekers are able to input their information on their own, you won’t inadvertently block anyone from being included in a candidate search. 

Engage More Job Seekers with Less Work

The Getro Talent Network revolutionizes the recruitment landscape. By allowing visitors to your job board to opt into your network, you can build a more dynamic and inclusive talent pipeline. The Getro Talent Network lets you capture anyone and everyone who might want to be part of your network: Cousins, colleagues, and job board visitors alike.  Starting looking beyond individual job postings and building a network that can help not just with open positions today, but with open positions in the future. 

Want to learn more about the Getro Talent Network? Reach out to help@getro.com to set up a strategy session with your Getro Customer Success Manager!