With job alerts for Getro Job Boards, VCs and job seekers can be kept in the loop on what jobs are posted and who is looking for them.

Next up in our Feature Spotlight series… Job alerts!

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Next in the Feature Spotlight series, we'll share:

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Job Alerts … So What?

GetroJobs' Job Alerts feature offers a convenient way for job seekers to receive daily job alerts based on their preferences and stay updated on new job postings. For network admins, it provides valuable insights and subscriber information to improve job board engagement. This feature saves time for job seekers and helps network admins improve their job board performance.

With job alerts:

  • Network admins receive a weekly update email with engagement details including subscribers’ information.
  • Network admins can download a list of subscribers to re-market to.

Whoa! How Does It Work?

For job seekers…

  • Job seekers can subscribe to daily job alerts when new jobs match their job preferences, ie. alert me when Marketing roles in San Francisco are posted to this job board.
  • Job seekers can also subscribe to a company and receive updates about new jobs at that organization.
  • After verifying their email address, job seekers will start receiving emails when new jobs match the preferences they selected on the job board, up to once per day when new jobs are added.
  • Job seekers don’t need a Getro account to sign up for alerts! With just an email they can see the latest jobs, update their preferences, or unsubscribe at any time from the job board.

A Few More Things To Know

This feature is now enabled on all GetroJobs networks by default. If you’d like to turn this feature off for any reason, please contact our Customer Success team.

What’s up next in our Feature Spotlight series? The ability to selectively hide jobs from boards!