Next up in our Feature Spotlight series… UTM tracking for ATS Systems!

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Next in the Feature Spotlight series, we'll share:

  • Job alerts
  • Ability to selectively hide jobs from board
  • Talent Network sign-up + Dashboard
  • Automatically add new portfolio companies
  • ... and more about GetroConnect to help you make better introductions  🤗

ATS… what?

Heads of Platform are doing all they can to support their portcos, including sending them hiring leads through their Getro job board. Until recently, it was hard to point to the exact efficacy of their job boards, because their portcos’ ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) weren’t able to tell where those Getro leads were coming from.

Applicant Tracking Functionality

With Getro’s latest product functionality, VCs and their portcos who have an ATS that supports our UTM parameters (think Workable and Zoho, as well as just good old Google Analytics) will know exactly what traffic came from their manually posted roles on their Getro job boards.

(Wondering what a UTM parameter is? Us too. We had to have our engineers explain it, but we also thought we’d include this handy Wikipedia link.)

How do you turn it on? It’s automatic! No extra effort or changes needed!

All outbound links are converted to support the correct network UTM parameters, which will cite both the campaign source and medium (for example, the name of the job board and

What does that look like? Something like this in your web address bar…

Thanks to UTMs, portcos can now tracks from their own ATS how many leads came from their VC’s Getro jobs board, while VCs can see what traffic they are sending through their admin dashboard. It’s now easy for portcos and VCs alike to see the value of their Getro job board, and know exactly which leads came from where!

Up next in our Feature Spotlight series…job alerts!