Curate your Getro job board with a single page to create, view, and manage all jobs.

Next up in our Feature Spotlight series… curated job boards!

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Next in the Feature Spotlight series, we'll share:

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  • Automatically add new portfolio companies
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The Before

Managing jobs in a network can be a tedious and time-consuming task, especially for network admins who have to navigate to individual company profiles in order to view and manage jobs. Additionally, admins lacked the flexibility to display certain jobs on their job board, causing frustration with limited control. Not great.

The After: Curated Jobs Table

Our new Jobs Table is designed to solve the problem of managing jobs by providing a single page to create, view, and manage all jobs, including both manually and extracted listings.

Now, network admins can:

  1. View jobs with all relevant details including visibility status, whether the job has been automatically or manually added (and by who)
  2. Show or hide jobs using filters or manually
  3. Feature jobs
  4. Manage manually posted jobs
  5. Download applicants for manually posted jobs

The Jobs Table with curated job board capabilities is a time saver for network admins who want to manage all jobs in one place.

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