Our latest Impact Dashboard provides topline ROI statistics, making it even easier to gauge the success of your job board.

Job board traffic and clicks are only telling part of the story. In order to entice more applicants, you need a more complete understanding of how candidates are using your job board. Introducing Impact Dashboard for GetroJobs, which gives you deeper insights on how many applicants you send to portfolio companies - what we call the "Likely Applied" metric.

Now, anytime a job seeker views a job that is supported by Getro AND the user clicks the apply button, they are counted as “Likely Applied.”

This metric, along with other key data, is now available in a new reporting module that brings all your topline ROI statistics to the forefront, making it even easier to gauge the success of your job board and how you are supporting your portfolio companies.

More Information, More ROI

Along with our new dashboard, Getro now has the capability to display job descriptions for supported Applicant Tracking Systems and custom job postings. Getro can host and display job descriptions from:

  • Most custom sources
  • Greenhouse
  • Lever
  • Angelist
  • LinkedIn
  • Workable

At Getro, we're continuing to work on ways to provide more value to you and your business. If you have any questions about the Impact Dashboard or job descriptions, don't hesitate to reach out to your CSM!

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